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‘Unbranded’ Malibu Ad Spot from Chevrolet Wins New York Auto Show Automotive Tech Ad of the Year Award

Valley Chevrolet in Phoenix - Chevy Malibu 'Unbranded' Malibu Ad Wins Award at New York Auto Show
Source: You've seen the "Real People Not Actors" ads from Chevrolet for some time now and while they receive mixed reviews at times, the experts continue to give them praise. It turns out that one ad spot stands out than the rest, the Chevrolet "Unbranded" ad for the Malibu.

2016 "Unbranded" Chevrolet Malibu Advertisement

What the Experts Say

The Chevrolet Malibu‘s “Unbranded” advertisement, where the group of real people fails to guess what kind of car the all-new Malibu actually is, has been awarded by Neilsen with the Automotive Tech Ad of the Year award, according to Automotive News. The panel agreed the ad did an excellent job at putting a fun spin on highlighting the Malibu’s technology, such as Apple CarPlay, with a “creative hook.” Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet marketing, said the challenge of technology and advertising is to “articulate the benefit in a way that people can appreciate it.” The spot hit every category looked at my Nielsen, which includes memorability, branding and likeability.
Scott Adkins, vice president of Nielsen Automotive suggests that a "creative hook" is an element of an ad spot that prevents you from looking away or walking away from the TV. Read more: Chevrolet Malibu ‘Unbranded’ Ad Spot Wins Award At New York Auto Show

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