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Malibu Easily Maneuvers Past the Competition

There is no doubt that mid-size sedans are the backbone of the lineup of most automakers. This is clearly demonstrated by such magnificent models as the Chevy Malibu with its standard 4-cylinder engine that provides impeccable acceleration. Its optional turbocharged engine is capable of delivering generous power, putting it on par with 6 cylinder competitors. The Chevy Malibu is a quiet, composed and confident sedan that is equally well suited for driving around town and long road trips.

Exterior features

The 2015 Chevy Malibu underwent significant design changes that have it resembling the larger Chevrolet Impala, one of the most handsome cars in its class. We particularly admired the Malibu’s taillights, which are evidently inspired by performance cars like the Chevy Camaro. We were particularly impressed by the fine lines and intricate curves of the Malibu. These sleek lines not only enhance the appearance of the vehicle, they also improve the aerodynamics, enabling it to achieve some of the most competitive fuel mileage numbers in the class. Its Aero-optimized corners are matched to the intelligently designed side mirrors. After comparing the 2015 Chevy Malibu to the Chrysler 200, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Honda accord, we couldn’t help but conclude that the Malibu comes out on top of all of them. We pitted the Malibu against both Chrysler and Ford and noted that the Malibu dominates them both by having the most competitive starting price and the most horsepower and torque. Meanwhile, both the Malibu and the Honda Accord boast some of the most highly regarded reputations coupled with the finest powertrains, but the Malibu is able to best its Honda counterpart in both maximum torque and standard horsepower. The Malibu is the only car offering daytime running headlights, coupled with telematics options. Adding all that to the better warranty and bigger fuel tank than the Fusion made us realize why the Malibu easily comes out on top of its American peers. Comparing the Malibu with its foreign competitors, including the Accord and Camry, made us realize that it has additional advantages including superior horsepower/torque numbers, warranty and telematics. The Malibu easily stands out when compared to the Japanese manufacturers by offering more width and superior mileage.

The interior features            

The 2015 Malibu has an airy interior that offers plenty of room for both front and rear passengers. It has a magnificent interior design, coupled with chrome accents and optional luxury leather that gives it an upscale feeling. Its leather wrapped steering wheel serves to set the tone, while the center stack provides a cutting edge design offering maximum ergonomics. The Malibu is quiet on the road and its controls are easy to locate and use.

MyLink Infotainment system

The 2015 Chevy Malibu has an easy to use infotainment system that is packed with interesting features. It allows us to use our Pandora and Stitcher accounts, and the Bluetooth sync is extremely fast and easy. Everything is conveniently displayed on a huge 7-inch touch screen, which opens to reveal a hidden storage compartment. It’s apparent that Chevy has gone an extra mile by putting together the overall best vehicle that effortlessly comes out on top when compared to both foreign and domestic competition. The Malibu is the ultimate mid-size sedan in the market, owing to its cutting edge looks, coupled with dynamic top-notch interior and features. More importantly, the Malibu is among the safest and most secure cars on the road today, offering users six different trim lines to choose from. We would recommend that car enthusiasts looking for a superior mid-size sedan with a refined exterior and elegantly appointed interior consider Chevy Malibu. This elegant, refined, creative, bold, unique and user-friendly car is available from each one of your Valley Chevy Dealers.

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