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5 Chevy Cars Win KBB Best Resale Value Award

Chevrolet Cars Win Kelly Blue Book's Best Resale Value Award

Whenever I purchase a vehicle, I like to look at what Kelly Blue Book has on the resale value. After all, I want a vehicle that not only is going to perform well, but is also going to hold its value the longest. This way, when I turn around to sell my vehicle, I can receive more money, regardless of if I sell it to the dealership or to a third party. Every January, Kelly Blue Blue releases a new list of the vehicle that have the highest resale value and announce the awards in list form. While different buyers and sellers are always looking for something different, I was rather impressed with the latest Chevy lineup, as five of the vehicles are currently on the list for best resale value. The current five vehicles from Chevy that are on the KBB list for best resale value are:
  • Colorado
  • Silverado
  • Camaro
  • Corvette
  • Tahoe
Naturally, for anyone who is interested in buying a vehicle off of this list, I would completely recommend knowing a bit more about the vehicles. While many of the names, such as the Camaro and Corvette are probably familiar to some, I always recommend reading up on the different vehicles and what each is able to provide a used car buyer. I also tell this to car buyers as well, as it is a good idea to purchase a vehicle that currently holds its value, as it is likely going to continue after the new vehicle is purchased as well.

Colorado and Silverado

These are two trucks from Chevy. General Motors actually took a bit of a break from producing the Colorado, but they are back and offering this truck model. Now, each truck is going to provide something a bit different, depending on what a driver is looking for. The Colorado is the smaller of the two trucks while the Silverado is a heavier duty truck. Chevy Colorado Now, these two trucks do share many similarities. The two trucks do look similar, although the Colorado has slightly smaller headlights and a smaller grill while the Silverado is boxier in appearance. Both can be purchased with extended cabs, and until only a year ago, the Colorado came in a truck/SUV hybrid known as the Avalanche. Where the main difference comes is under the hood though. The Silverado comes with a larger engine (standard 4.3 liter V6 with 285 horsepower and 305 pound feet of torque against the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder 200 horsepower engine of the Colorado). Chevy Silverado Both are great at retaining resale value though, so it really comes down to what sort of truck a new car buyer is going after. I know I am a fan of both, although it depends on what a person is going to do with the truck.


It is no surprise that the Chevy Tahoe is on this list. After all, it is built on the same line as the Chevy Silverado, so it shares many of the same features. This is an SUV though against the truck, so it takes up some of the bed space of the truck and converts it into a third row for passengers. It is also important for fans of Chevy to understand this vehicle has gone by several different names in the past, including the Chevy Blazer. It is also the Chevy version to the GMC Yukon and the Cadillac Escalade with only slight variations. Chevy Tahoe It is a quality SUV for those drivers who are looking for a large passenger vehicle that provides seating for seven and large amounts of interior storage as well.

Corvette and Camaro

The Chevy Camaro and the Corvette are both automotive legends in their own rights and there is a good reason why I would recommend these vehicles to anyone looking for a sports car. This is the fifth year in a row the Camaro has found its way onto this list, as the base line of the vehicle is rather inexpensive, and yet it offers all sorts of trim packages to ensure fans of the vehicle are able to find the right car for their desire and performance requirements. Of course, the Camaro went into hibernation for a few years but then came back strong and has reignited the muscle car wars in the United States. Then there is the Corvette. This is a true performance coupe when it comes down to it. Not only is this the second year in a row this vehicle made the list for best resale value according to Kelly Blue Book, but it is also the epitome of America muscle cars. It is also able to outperform many foreign performance vehicles that cost at least twice its sticker price as well. camaro 2015 All of these vehicles make exceptional purchases, depending on someone's personal taste.

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