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5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018

Valley Chevy - 5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018 2018 is right around the corner, meaning upgrades and new car features are coming to some of your favorite Chevrolet vehicles. Here's our list of the great new features in various cars for the 2018 line that you should check out.

Five 2018 Chevy Cars Getting Upgrades

Five Chevy's you want to look for in 2018:
  1. Chevy Traverse

  2. Valley Chevy - 5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018: Traverse Since its release in 2009, the Traverse has stayed mostly the same. But the 2018 version is ringing in the second generation of the spacious SUV, making it a more efficient, modern ride than its predecessors. With improved passenger and cargo room, a crossover SUV known for its space is getting even more space and is still managing to reduce its weight enough to get 25 miles per gallon on the highway. With a nine-speed automatic transmission and a 305-horsepower engine, the new Traverse will get you to where you want to be comfortably.
  3. Chevy Equinox

    Valley Chevy - 5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018: Equinox The 2017 Equinox is a great vehicle, but the 2018 model is upping the ante by getting more powerful and efficient. While the Traverse is getting bigger, the Equinox is actually downsizing ever so slightly, but not enough to take away from being comfortable for even some of the tallest passengers. The 1.6-liter diesel engine can get 40 miles per gallon highway, and even the non-diesel engines get great mileage in this new, smaller model. The Equinox still allows for some of the best tech options around, with Apple Play and USB ports coming standard. The Equinox is also no skimp when it comes to safety features, as it allows for some of the most advanced safety controls and add-ons around.
  4. Chevy Camaro

  5. Valley Chevy - 5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018: Camaro The 2018 Camaro isn't introducing a new generation to the line like the Equinox and Traverse, but the third edition of the current generation of this sports car is still making improvements. The biggest change this time around is the addition of the ZL1 1LE track package, designed for some of the best track performance in the industry. With improved aerodynamics and a racecar suspension system on top of a lighter frame, the new Camaro is ready to fly when you want to let loose on the track. With 650 horsepower and Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R tires made specifically for the ZL1, unleash your inner speed demon with the latest in this line of sports cars.
  6. Chevy Malibu

  7. Valley Chevy - 5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018: Malibu The new 2018 Malibu is seeing its own set of additions while maintaining its phenomenal average of 30 miles per gallon. The tank on the new Malibu is being enlarged from 13 gallons to 15.8, meaning even fewer stops to fill up this incredibly efficient car. Chevy also is introducing a Redline package, featuring a fresher look in this edition of the ninth-generation Malibu. A blacked-out grille and tires and a wider selection of exterior paint jobs highlight some of the new features for this mid-sized sedan.
  8. Chevy Corvette

  9. Valley Chevy - 5 Chevrolet Cars Getting Major Upgrades in 2018: Corvette A legend in its own right, the 2018 Corvette is seeing a few tweaks from its 2017 counterpart. The Stingray is upping the size on its tire diameters, sitting at 19 inches up front and 20 inches in back, while making Magnetic Ride Control adaptive suspension an add-on that doesn't require a special package. With a new line of color packages, you'll be drawing stares in this updated car. The ZO6 is seeing similar updates and a wider selection of wheel packages to meet your need for speed.

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