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Shopping for a Car? These Tips Will Help.

Valley Chevy - Shopping for a Car Tips You are finally ready to buy a new car – great! Now comes the next step: deciding which car to buy. Unfortunately, this is no easy feat. There are hundreds of great car brands and models to choose from, and every car has a variety of car features. As a result, shopping for a car can be quite a tedious process.

5 Tips On How to Shop for a New Car

If you want to speed up the car-shopping process and make sure that you choose the best one for you, leverage these car-shopping tips.

#1 Make a List of Must-Haves

Valley Chevy - Shopping for a Car Tips: List Every car has its own unique set of benefits. By determining which benefits matter most to you, you can narrow down your options so you aren’t as overwhelmed. What do you need the car to do? What car features can you absolutely not live without? Make a list of your top ten must-haves and put them in order of priority.

#2 Do Your Research

Valley Chevy - Shopping for a Car Tips: Research Once your list is complete, leverage the power of the Internet to find the car that will check every box (or at least the most important ones!). Use specific or long-tail search terms to more easily find what you’re looking for. For example, you might type in “best SUV for road trips” or “most fuel efficient minivans with ApplePlay.” You can also call local car dealerships and explain what kind of car you’re looking for. The salesmen should be able to point you in the right direction.

#3 Go for a Spin

Valley Chevy - Shopping for a Car Tips: Test Once you’ve determined which cars meet your requirements, find local car dealerships that have these cars in stock. Call the dealerships and schedule a date and time for when you can test-drive the cars. By taking your top picks for a spin, you will be able to more accurately determine which car suits you best.

#4 Be Prepared to Buy

Valley Chevy - Shopping for a Car Tips: Be Ready Before you step into any car dealerships to test drive the cars, make sure that you’re ready to buy a car if it comes down to it. Know your budget, your creditworthiness and get pre-approved if possible. Cars go fast at dealerships, so if you end up falling in love with one, you may just need to pull the trigger.

#5 Separate the Deals

Valley Chevy - Shopping for a Car Tips: Separate Tasks You usually have three tasks when buying a new car:
  1. Sell your old ride
  2. Buy your new ride
  3. Arrange the financing
Many dealers have great offers for trade-ins, but you can also sell your old car separately. However, if you don’t trade in your car at the dealership, you will have to put in additional time and effort to sell it on your own.

Shop for Your New Chevrolet in Phoenix Today!

If you need more help determining which car is best for you, or if you’re ready to test drive some cars, contact your nearest Phoenix Chevy dealership for assistance. We would love to assist you further in your car shopping process, and we look forward to putting you behind the wheel of your perfect match today.

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