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2019 Chevy Spark’s Best Features

2019 Chevy Spark - What's New?

One of America’s best values in the automotive world, the Chevrolet Spark, is getting a facelift. The new Spark is still compact, nimble, and affordable, but it will be sporting a new look in 2019 for all trims - LS and LT. It will retain a lot of the same mechanics that made the previous iteration of the Spark so great, as Chevrolet seems to have decided that they shouldn’t tamper too much with excellence.

What to Expect in Chevrolet's 2019 Spark

Once you get a good look at this subcompact car, you’ll see that Chevy found what little room for improvement there was, then made the most of it. Read on to see what changes you can expect from one of the best city cars available.

Spark’s New Exterior

2019 Chevy Spark - Exterior

When you look at the new front end of the Spark, you might notice the stylish use of chrome on the grille before anything else. This shiney pop gives an added spark of style that will convince your friends you spent more on this affordable car than you actually did. The grille is also shaped differently, as are the two air intakes on the bumper. All told, the front of this car now has a pleasant looking face, especially when you add in the optional LED running lamps. These LED lights sit lower than before to give the upcoming Spark a more assertive look. Updated projection-style headlights complete the redesign for the front end. The Spark now looks like exactly what it is: a fun little vehicle that can absolutely get you where you need to go.

There are some changes to the rest of the car as well. The wheels have been redesigned, and now feature thin, attractive pillars extending from the center of the wheel to the tire. Drivers also get updated color options. Chevy has discontinued Sorbet, Brimstone, Mint, and Splash as exterior colors for the Spark, and replaced them with the following four new colors:

  1. Orange Burst Metallic
  2. Passion Fruit
  3. Caribbean Blue Metallic
  4. Raspberry

It seems worth noting that the Spark Activ model will not see these exterior changes, but every other trim level will.

Spark’s New Interior

2019 Chevy Spark - Interior

Fans of any version of the Spark will know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The new 2019 Spark has two major updates.

The 2018 Spark has a USB port and an auxiliary jack. The 2019 model year will have two illuminated USB data ports instead.

The lighting inside the 2019 Spark cabin will be in the True White color.

Spark’s New Technology Features

2019 Chevy Spark - Tech

This is where drivers of Chevrolet’s Spark really get a lot of bang for their buck. Just like in the previous version, you can expect to find a seven-inch color touchscreen built into the dash of the Chevy’s Spark for 2019. The infotainment system is as smart as any other on the market, and is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android auto, so you’ll be able to connect whatever kind of smartphone you have. You’ll also have Bluetooth technology and your own personal 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

You may find yourself thinking that all of this awesome technology was also available in the 2018 Spark, and if so, you’re completely right about that. The difference is that Chevrolet has upgraded the system behind all of this technological magic, so everything will be even faster and more reliable than before. Chevy hasn’t let us know how much the brand new Spark will cost, but it’s safe to say that it will be a great deal considering the impressive brain inside this vehicle.

Spark’s New Safety Features

2019 Chevy Spark - Safety

The 2018 Spark already had an impressive Driver Confidence package, which included some of the most innovative safety technology available to the automotive world. Last year’s model was equipped with forward collision warning and lane departure warning features to help drivers predict accidents and other dangerous situations.

Chevrolet adds automatic braking technology into the mix for the 2019 Spark. The Spark will predict a forward collision and apply the brakes automatically, and can even engage the brakes more quickly if it thinks you aren’t braking hard enough. This feature is especially effective at low speeds, and will definitely help drivers prevent some fender benders. It’s a good thing, too, because you wouldn’t want anything to happen to the attractive new front of this car.

2019 Chevrolet Spark Features Infographic

2019 Chevy Spark’s Best Features

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Ask Your Local Chevy Dealer About the 2019 Spark

The last redesign for the Spark was in 2016, and it did great things for this line. This past performance has drivers excited to see what the next redesign holds. Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long, as the updated Spark will be gracing lots sometime in the third quarter of the 2018 calendar year. Stop by your local Chevrolet dealership today to test drive the Spark.