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2016 Chevy Impala Named Kelley Blue Book’s Best Full-Size Car… Again

2016 Chevy Impala If you are shopping for an affordable and spacious family sedan that looks great and drives well, you simply can’t go wrong with the 2016 Chevy Impala. This regal ride has been voted “The Best Full-Size Car” for two years in a row by Kelley Blue Book.

The Sedan with a Competitive Edge

When it comes to family sedans, Chevy has cornered the market with the Impala. Some full-size sedans are often considered merely average because great looks and luxurious comfort are often sacrificed for space and safety. The Impala has put an end to these stigmas with high safety ratings, sporty good looks, and a spacious and luxurious interior. If you compare the Impala against other sedans in its class, you will soon see that this car deserves every award it has earned. A vehicle is an expense that none of us can avoid, but we can avoid paying too much money for too little car. The Impala is almost in a class of its own, as it offers superior performance and handling, excellent fuel economy, a roomy interior and trunk, and modern technology such as wireless charging and Apple CarPlay.

Reasons to Test Drive the Impala Today

Beyond being a great-looking, affordable, and ideal family car, there are several reasons why I test drove the new Impala, and you should, too. Here are some of the top reasons why you should head to your Valley Chevy Dealer for a test drive today:
  • Affordable pricing that starts lower than the competition.
  • The base model can be transformed into a full-blown luxury sedan and remain affordable.
  • Optional upgrades include navigation system, keyless start, traction control systems, cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane-departure alert, 4G LTE with built-in Wi-Fi, Bose audio, heated and ventilated front seats, among many other highly desirable features.
  • Three engine options that include the economical CNG-Compressed Natural Gas option.
  • MyLink Valet Mode
  • Hidden miniature vault to store valuables.
There are numerous other beneficial standard and optional features that make the Impala such an impressive deal. Chevy sure got it right when they designed the Impala. Of all the cars I have test driven recently, I was the most impressed by the Impala. In my opinion, the only other vehicle that comes close to offering this much car for the asking price is the Toyota Avalon. Though the Avalon is impressive, the Impala fits better in my budget and is more suiting to my personality. I love the fact that the trunk is massive and the back seats fold down to allow even more storage and hauling capacity. When I test drove the Impala I noticed that the cabin sounds were very minimal which made me love it even more. I love driving a quiet car, it just feels so much more comfortable and puts me at ease.

Ride in Total Comfort and Style

Another thing I think you will enjoy about the Impala is the comfortable seats. The front seats are fully adjustable, and the rear seats are extremely comfortable. I have long legs and found that the leg room was more than adequate even when the front seats were fully extended. One of the things that I look for in a family car is that it does not look like a typical, boring family car! I love the sleek angles and aerodynamic design of the Impala. There is a sort of sporty edge to the stance of the Impala, which makes it appeal to my inner youth. I have no doubt that my family will be proud to ride in this car. If you are searching for a family sedan that has it all, the Impala will be the perfect car for you. I highly recommend that you take a look at this award-winning sedan for yourself. Head over to your local Valley Chevy dealer today to test drive the 2016 Impala today!

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