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How to Prevent Rust on Cars in Arizona

Valley Chevy How to Prevent Rust on Cars in Arizona

Winter can mean havoc for your car. Depending on where you live, the constant moisture from the snowfall, combined with salting the roads to keep them from icing over, will take a toll on your vehicle.

But just because parts of Arizona rarely, if ever, see snow, that doesn't make your vehicle safe from rusting. And it's not just during the winter that your car is in danger of rusting. Arizona gets hot, and heat accelerates the rate at which metal rusts, and the sun can cause damage to a car's protective paint layer to help prime the conditions for rust to occur.

Here are some tips on how to prevent rust on cars in the Arizona heat.

Clean Your Car

Valley Chevy How to Prevent Rust on Cars in Arizona

Keeping your car clean is one of the easiest ways to protect your car from rust. The Arizona heat can bake away the protective layer of paint on your car, and letting dust and sand accumulate will scratch the surface even more, leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements.

While it is fortunate that Arizona enjoys nice, dry weather, if those spots get wet the oxidation process can begin and rust will start to develop. Using a good water sprayer is best to be sure to remove all the small debris; using a cloth to wipe it off could lead to more scratching.

It's important to clean the inside of your car, too. Water that gets spilled or tracked into your car can leach through and cause rust to begin where you least expect it. Wipe down surfaces to keep moisture from building up to stop the oxidation from starting.

Take Care of the Undercarriage 

Valley Chevy How to Prevent Rust on Cars in Arizona On the underbelly of your vehicle, there's probably a good amount of exposed metal, all of which is at risk to rust. Keeping the undercarriage oiled up will help prevent rusting underneath your car and keep your car running longer.

Rust Proof your Car

Valley Chevy How to Prevent Rust on Cars in Arizona

Getting your car rust-proofed is another solid preventative step to protect your car from corrosion. There are lots of anti-rust sprays that you can apply yourself, or even have done professionally, to make sure everything is protected from moisture and other elements.

Wax and paint jobs protect your car, too. Beyond wanting your car looking nice, if the paint is damaged it's important to make sure it gets touched up or redone to ensure your car's body is safe from rust. Wax will add another layer that protects the paint, and getting your car waxed is less of a hassle than a new paint job.

Fixing Rust Damage After it Starts

Valley Chevy How to Prevent Rust on Cars in Arizona

Sometimes you won't notice rust damage until it has begun, but that doesn't mean it's too late. Stopping and fixing rust damage early on will prevent it from spreading and requiring professional help. Fixing rust damage is simple, but can be time consuming.

  • Start by using sandpaper on the affected area to remove rust and damaged paint.
  • Clean the area and dry it to prepare for painting. Make sure to use an actual car wash detergent, dish detergent and other chemicals not made for cars can strip the wax.
  • Prime the surface with two or three coats of epoxy primer, then wait about an hour for the primer to dry.
  • Apply the base coat, using two or three coats.
  • Add the clear coat. It's important to give plenty of time for the clear coat to dry before driving to keep from any running, ruining the paint job.

Taking care of your car will help expand its life and help it keep its value when you're ready to make your next car purchase. Check out our Valley Chevy blog for more helpful tips.