2020 Mid Engine Chevrolet Corvette

Precision is our starting line

The all-new mid-engine Corvette is the first of its kind, the next step in an already impressive line of premier American sports cars. Speed fiends and car enthusiasts have been waiting for Chevrolet to produce a mid-engine sports car for quite some time, and the 2020 Corvette goes above and beyond to deliver a truly special driving experience.

The Corvette C8 is available in multiple forms, each as desirable as the next. Whether you opt for the C8.R racing masterpiece or the hardtop convertible, you simply cannot go wrong with this vehicle.

Precision, power, and a stunning feat of aesthetic automotive design combine to form what may be the pinnacle of American engineering to date. Just one look at the new 2020 Corvette is enough to get drivers excited about the thrills they might find behind the wheel. Plus, the 2020 Corvette has already been awarded the prestigious honor of 2020 Car of the Year by MotorTrend



470 LB-FT.


194 MPH


Stingray Arctic White
Blade Silver Metallic
Ceramic Matrix Grey Metallic
Corvette Racing Yellow Tintcoat
Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic
Long Beach Red Tintcoat
Sebring Orange Tintcoat
Shadow Gray Metallic
Torch Red
Adrenaline Red Leather
Gray Leather
Gray Mulan Leather
Gray Two-Tone Leather and Suede
Gray Two-Tone Leather
Jet Black Leather
Kalahari Leather





0 TO 60 IN 3.7 SECONDS



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The appearance certainly makes some large promises about what we can expect from this vehicle, and the performance proves that all of our wildest assumptions are completely correct. This car is one of the finest machines the world has ever seen, and it’s almost impossible to boil everything down to the raw statistics.

That said, automotive enthusiasts are known to appreciate exact numbers and figures, and the newest Corvette comes with some big ones. Its 495 horsepower has been certified by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), and the rest of the vehicle is completely capable of handling all that power. Throw in 470 lb.-ft. of torque, and you have a vehicle that can reach speeds of 194 miles per hour.

A mid-engine masterpiece

Until now, the mid-engine layout was almost exclusively reserved for expensive imported vehicles, and American manufacturers have been committed to front-engine sports cars. The 2020 Corvette changes all of that, as the mid-engine layout brings Chevrolet into the upper echelon of premium automobiles and makes it a direct competitor of the best sports cars in the world. The benefits of a mid-engine layout for performance and precision are well documented, and Chevy has also found a way to work this design to their advantage when it comes to convenience and appearance.

The first mid-engine vehicles were designed that way in an effort to create a superior driving experience. Mid-engine vehicles are more stable, which affords the driver with more control when it comes time to brake, accelerate, or make a turn, especially at high speeds.

Given that the engine is one of the heaviest parts of a car, placing it towards the center of the vehicle distributes the weight more evenly across all four wheels. It stands to reason that placing the center of gravity toward the center of a vehicle will work wonders for its handling.


A Shift Of Power

The Corvette has always been a rear-wheel-drive car, and the same is true for the newest model. In years past, the car was heavier in the front, which created a slight steering imbalance since the power was coming through the rear wheels.

Now the weight of the vehicle has shifted back towards where the power meets the road, and drivers are noticing the impacts. In fact, the engine sits almost between the rear wheels, which makes it even better than the term “mid-engine” may imply.


ABS Responsiveness

ABS braking works more responsively, and traction control systems have an advantage. The vehicle’s added safety is critically important, considering the blazing speeds drivers can achieve in the C8 Corvette. A mid-engine layout is also easier on the suspension, which makes for a smooth ride even as the car nears its top speed.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for seriously sporty drivers, the new 2020 Corvette’s mid-engine layout shines through in its ability to take corners at considerable speeds without nearly as much risk of skidding or spinning out.


And More…

A host of other features serve to make the most of mid-engine performance. New architectural touches go even further to help drivers maintain good contact with the ground even as the speedometer climbs. A hybrid rear spoiler is just the start, and the windshield also serves up improved downforce without necessitating a front air dam. The windshield has moved forward and down, so it starts right above the front wheels to keep ample pressure on the front tires.

More To Meet Your Eyes

The 2020 Corvette underwent almost a complete redesign. The car has been sculpted with extreme attention to detail, which makes it as gorgeous as it is aerodynamic. Only one single part of the C8 corvette was carried over from the previous generation, and Chevrolet’s engineers focused just as much on the appearance as they did on performance.


It’s All About The Details

The door handles, hatch release and hood release have been hidden, giving this car a clean appearance and knifelike aerodynamics. The mid-engine design also opened the door for innovative aesthetic touches.

Drivers (and envious admirers) can see an all-new LT2 V8 engine through a window in the rear hatch. If you really want to call attention to the car’s powerful heart, add an Engine Appearance Package with carbon fiber finishes and LED lights that illuminate the engine. Even the storage components are as attractive as they are functional. Since the engine is nestled behind the passenger compartment, the front of the vehicle is available in the form of extra space.

If you choose the 2020 Corvette convertible, you’ll receive a retractable hardtop, so you don’t have to sacrifice appearances when the lid is up.

When you put the top down to feel the wind on your face and get an unobstructed look at the awestruck faces you’re passing on the highway, the car won’t show signs of reduced performance. That even applies to storage, which is not affected by putting the top down. The new C8 convertible is unlike any other, which is just the kind of innovation we’ve come to expect from Chevrolet.

A heart that's always racing

State-of-the-art Chevrolet engines have always been one of the biggest draws for diehard Corvette fans. They must be especially pleased with the brand new 6.2L LT2 V8. It’s made of cast aluminum with iron cylinder liners. The Corvette C8 engine constantly works to keep itself in top condition with the help of a dry-sump oil-spray piston cooling oiling system. The inclusion of two valves in each cylinder allows for dual-equal variable valve timing. Add direct injection active fuel management with a maximum pressure of 2,175 psi, and suddenly you find yourself controlling a flightless jet with perhaps the greatest small block engine the world has ever seen.


A No-Compromises Powerhouse

Chevrolet engineers gave it everything they had while fine-tuning this car’s performance. Why should it be any different when they were putting other touches on their newest Corvette? The superior design extends down to the vehicle’s command center, which runs through the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 system. Control your in-drive entertainment through an eight-inch diagonal color touch screen, which allows you to engage features like innovative Front Lift. Since the car rides low to enhance its sporty prowess, the Front Lift feature can be engaged at low speeds when you encounter speed bumps and driveways.

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Above and beyond

Every feature has been thoughtfully added to make your experience even more special. Track your outings with the Performance Data Recorder, and keep your eyes on the road all the while with the help of a colorized Head-Up Display.

Corvettes exist to please people who love driving, and the features in this vehicle help make that abundantly clear. As something of an added bonus, the other features in this vehicle go above and beyond to bring comfort and convenience along with the ride of your life.

The instrument display comes in the form of a 12-inch diagonal digital display, which is reconfigurable so you can see all of the driver information you need in any of the three unique themes. Even the navigation system is better than expected, and the available Enhanced Navigation feature allows drivers to see a 3-D view.


Sound Matters

With crystal clear directions coming straight to your dash, you’ll be able to get even more enjoyment from the available Bose Performance Series with audio that comes from 14 speakers. If you’re doing the math, that’s seven speakers dedicated to you and another seven for your lucky passenger.

This machine is a sensitive beast, as it has plenty of brains to go with all of its brawn. Pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth by simply holding the phone above the C8’s volume button. If you don’t want to rely on your phone to access the internet, choose an available 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection.

By the numbers

Four hundred and ninety-five horsepower, 194 MPH top speed, and 470 lb.-ft. of torque aren’t the only impressive numbers associated with the elite new 2020 Corvette. We can’t imagine we’ll ever run out of good things to say about this vehicle, so let’s get right down to some hard facts for a moment.


194 MPH

470 LB. – FT.


  • The car will go from 0-60 in under three seconds when you include the Z51 performance package.
  • A front splitter and rear spoiler combine to create as much as 400 lbs of downforce.
  • The C8 Corvette’s cockpit is 16.5 inches further forward than it was in the C7.
  • The Front Lift feature raises the suspension to create 40mm (over an inch and a half) more space under the nose at speeds under 24 MPH and can be programmed to remember as many as 1,000 locations in the GPS system, ideal for your driveway and neighborhood speed bumps.

Pure and precise shifting

Since there were so few parts carried over from the previous model, every part of the 2020 Corvette had to earn its right to be a part of this legendary vehicle. The same is true of the dual-clutch transmission, which comes standard with every one of these new sports cars.

Just like every other aspect of the vehicle’s performance, the shifting is so fast it may surprise you. The C8 delivers the manual action dedicated drivers demand, but the smoothness is like something that’s normally reserved for automatic transmissions.

The right mode for every road

Since everything in the Corvette C8 is better than you’d expect it to be, the drive mode also allows you to calibrate 12 distinct performance variables. Make changes to the powertrain and suspension modes as you maximize your traction and stability for the situation. Try the customizable Z-Mode or My Mode, both of which allow personalized performance. The settings are saved between drives, no need to recalibrate once you find your sweet spot.

All things considered, it seems impossible to deny that Chevrolet has reached new heights with the 2020 Corvette. Words simply cannot do it justice, and we recommend you drive it for yourself as soon as possible. Stop by a dealer near you!


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