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2018 Bolt EV Specs & Features

An impressive EPA-estimated 238 miles of range†. A beautifully sculpted exterior and spacious interior. With thousands of excited owners and millions of miles driven, Bolt EV has completely reinvented what an electric vehicle can be.

Some days are long. Your range is too

Not sure how far an EPA-estimated 238 miles† will get you? Think about it this way: The average daily commute is only about 40 miles round trip. So you’ll have more than enough range to get through an average day – and you could go up to three or four days, or even more, without needing to plug in.

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With 56.6 cu. ft.† of cargo space, Bolt EV is engineered to provide more room than you’d expect in an electric vehicle. So when it comes to more usable room for your stuff, you have the flexibility to carry larger, oddly shaped items.


Electric engine
Built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi®.
Advanced safety technologies

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