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2019 Chevy Silverado Advanced Trailer System

Silverado_2019The Chevrolet Silverado is a truck whose name is synonymous with rugged dependability, plentiful horsepower, and strong towing capability. As of 2019, this popular American pickup is sure to be associated with game-changing technology as well. That’s because Chevy upgraded its Advanced Trailering System (ATS) to facilitate faster hitching, better tire monitoring, and greater trailer security.

4 Things You Need to Know about the Advanced Trailering System

Read on to learn about all the exciting new features offered in this latest evolution of Chevy’s flagship pickup.

1. The Basics

In developing the newest version of its ATS, Chevy performed extensive market research to ensure they were addressing the most practical needs.

The automaker determined that towing represented a high priority to a majority of their customers; about 60 percent of the 7,000 drivers surveyed indicated as much in their responses. There was also a strongly stated desire to resolve common trailer-related difficulties, such as those encountered while joining to a hitch or when reviewing tire pressure on the road.

The new Silverado trailer package will be included as a standard feature on both the High Country and LTZ trim levels. It will be made available as an option for the LT, RST, and Trail Boss trims as well.

Several ATS features will also provide the option for additional connectivity, allowing drivers to utilize the existing myChevrolet app and certain OnStar features as well.

 2. Enhanced Safety

If you’ve done much towing, then you’re no stranger to the stress associated with load limits and tire safety. Ensuring that a trailer’s tires remain sufficiently inflated typically requires stopping and getting out to check each one manually. Fortunately, the newest tow package for the Silverado makes this process a thing of the past.

The 2019 ATS will be able to provide drivers with a host of useful in-cab information, including real-time reporting of your tire’s internal pressure and temperature levels. This feature alone is sure to enhance your confidence on the road, all while saving you time and frustration on those long-distance treks.

Additionally, all ’19 Silverados will be labeled with vehicle-specific towing capacity information. Similar to a conventional weight limit label posted in the driver’s side doorjamb, this sticker breaks down all the crucial numbers you need to know, each pertinent according to your specific vehicle identification number (VIN). These figures include a maximum payload, curb weight, maximum tongue weight, plus gross vehicle and combined weights.

3. Improved Visuals

Among the features, many are sure to be most excited for is Chevy’s new and improved Trailering Camera System, which is designed to deliver the improved vision and ease the process of hitching up your load.

In its default configuration, it incorporates cameras in each of the truck’s side view mirrors, plus one at the back of the truck to deliver 270 degrees of rear perspective. You can also opt for a fourth trailer-mounted camera to expand your view even further.

Additionally, the visual readout displays helpful guiding lines to aid in trailer-hitch alignment. These overlays work in tandem with another new feature known as the Automatic Parking Brake Assist.

This function works to prevent the slight, inadvertent rolling often caused by engaging your parking brake, which can otherwise be enough to offset your carefully created alignment.

Finally, drivers will have access to several helpful resources thanks to various supported apps. The myChevrolet app provides step-by-step pre-trip checklists, plus a glossary of relevant towing terminology.

It also enables a single person to test out trailer light connections using a mobile device—no need for a second party to provide confirmation.

Meanwhile, the included ATS infotainment app will track total trip mileage, fuel efficiency, and your truck’s transmission temperature while towing. You can also set and save up to five brake gain profiles in the system’s memory, making it a breeze to switch between different trailers on the fly.

4. Greater Security

It’s a good bet that whatever you’re towing has pretty substantial value; this can make it stressful to leave your rig parked overnight in unfamiliar areas during those longer trips. In response, Chevy implemented a first-of-its-kind Trailer Theft Alarm, which is capable of activating the Silverado’s horn and headlights should trailer disconnection occur while the system is active. 

If you’re looking for even greater reassurance, you can also connect this alarm system with the Safety & Security Plan provided by OnStar (subscription sold separately). This will allow you to receive alerts on your supported mobile device or via email, keeping you informed even when you’re not near the trailer.

Silverado_trailering_system_Oct_2018What are You Waiting For? Test Drive the New Silverado Today!

There’s nothing quite like getting a firsthand look to truly appreciate new technology, and the 2019 Silverado towing system is no exception. Find out firsthand what all the excitement is about with a visit to your local Chevy dealership to schedule a test drive. Whether you’re in the market for a durable work vehicle or a rugged weekend adventurer, it’s clear that the ’19 iteration of this capable Chevrolet pickup is worth a look.