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2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss Test Drive Review Phoenix



Sometimes, the names of things give their perfect description. This is absolutely true when talking about the 2019 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, as it is truly a boss truck in terms of looks, performance, and the overall package.

Taking it out for a test drive convinces you that while there are many pickup trucks on the market, the Chevy Trail Boss is in a class of its own.

Before testing this car, I did a little research into the Silverado in general. The Trail Boss is one of the multiple trim levels available, giving some excellent features to an already great vehicle. In sum, it is a gorgeous, comfortable pickup with qualities that appeal to a wide range of people.

While I strongly suggest you set up your own test drive appointment as soon as possible, here is some information about my experience to convince you why this is an incredible truck.




Silverado Trail boss has a Rugged Yet Refined Exterior

As you walk over to the 2019 Silverado Trail Boss, multiple images flash through your mind as you are drawn to its sleek styling and overall coolness factor.

You might picture yourself behind the wheel with a tackle box, fishing rod and cooler in the back, heading out for a day of fun. Then you visualize driving this baby in the snow, white flakes cascading down and landing onto the impressive front grille, making quite the contrast with the blacked-out tires that crunch down onto the snow piling up underneath.

And you also imagine guiding it around town, using the truck just as easily for going out to dinner as for hauling supplies from the hardware store for your long list of home projects.

Whatever your purpose, this trim level of the 2019 Chevy Silverado can take you there, doing it with panache. With 18” aluminum wheels and electric rack and pinion steering, it easily gets you where you need to go, giving you fun while getting you there.

It's understated styling appeals to those who do not need the flashiest truck on the block but instead would like their vehicle’s rugged good looks to speak for themselves.

The model I was given to test drive is the exact one I would choose to purchase. It was a black 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive LT Trail Boss with an MSRP of $53,830. Luckily, some incentives were available at Valley Chevy so that it would have lowered the price quite a bit. They were also offering good financing and leasing rates, making it easy to get inside this auto or similar Silverado trucks.

Other, less expensive Chevy Trail Boss models were also available for a test drive, but the sleekness of this beautiful vehicle spoke most to me.

This particular car was stunning in its visual simplicity. In addition to a superb paint job, the high-gloss black front and black rear bumpers contributed to its lustrous look.

And, so did the black door handles, grille, and matching high-gloss black-painted aluminum wheels. I especially appreciated that the outside heated power-adjustable mirrors would be a great feature to have on colder days.




Silverado Trail boss has a Comfortable and Carefree Interior

Chevy did a great job in pairing the cool exterior with an equally unflappable interior. Keyless entry is standard on all Trail Bosses, meaning you can hop up and into this truck without fumbling or delay. Once the door is open, you can see that the inside of the cab is just as impressive as the outside.

The interior is equipped with a sleek jet-black interior and almost 45 inches of front-seat legroom for those with long legs. Its seating capacity for five makes it just as well-suited for use as a family vehicle as it is for road trips with friends, you can even get a 6-seater model. And thoughtful safety features help to keep all those people safe on your journey.

A Trail Boss comes with other safety features to give you peace of mind when driving, such as the standard back-up camera, ABS, stability and traction control, and a slew of airbags.

My favorite safety feature ever is on here, too: the tire pressure monitor. The days of pulling over to wonder if your tire is going flat are gone with this modern marvel.

If you have a teen driver in your household, this car had a very cool Teen Driver configurable option to help encourage and support safe teen driving behavior, such as limiting certain vehicle features.

Overall, the interior of the truck was pleasing and comfortable. If I were going on a long, road-tripping vacation, I would use the cruise control feature to enjoy the ride even more.

While many of the interior features are similar to what you would find on comparably-priced trucks, the instrument cluster is visually striking, giving an edge to this vehicle.

It might not be as fancy as other automobiles on the market, but those seeking a rugged, performance pickup truck are generally not trying to drive a super-luxury vehicle.




Silverado Trail boss has an Easy and Enjoyable Entertainment Package

You have some choice in terms of what entertainment features you can pick for your Trail Boss. If you want, there is an optional satellite radio system and Wi-Fi hotspot.

However, even those wanting a more stripped-down interior should appreciate the standard auxiliary auto and MP3 player inputs. I appreciated the two built-in USB ports and noted that the voice command pass-through to phone is a useful safety feature to have.

This specific truck’s interior was a little more sophisticated than some of the base models. Giving it an 8” diagonal color touchscreen to help decide what music you want to play through the truck’s speaker system.

While many of the Trail Boss models come with an impressive six speakers per truck, the one I test-drove had a Bose Sound System with a premium 8-speaker system and a Richbass woofer. The sound was way better than my home entertainment system.

If building a Chevy Trail Boss, I’d probably add on the Infotainment Package, too, and not just for the satellite radio and optional data plan.

There is something very appealing about the safety component aspect of GM’s celebrated OnStar2 service. Different plan options mean there is something there for everyone.




Silverado Trail boss has Powerful and Passionate Performance

As soon as you get a Chevy Trail Boss on the road, you are immediately reminded of why you want to drive a pickup truck in the first place. Taking this one out for a spin was like handing candy to a child.

Like any of its Silverado cousins, the pleasure and gratification of being behind its wheel were immediate and fun.

My test-drive car had a 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 and man, could it drive. The electronically-controlled 8-speed automatic transmission shifted flawlessly, giving it just as impressive a performance when I took it onto the highway as it did when maneuvering around local streets.

With a horsepower capability of 355 hp @ 5600 rpm and 383 lb-ft @ 4100 rpm torque, it gives you what you need, and you have a good time while getting it. (Side note: recognizing that this vehicle came at a higher price point, I also took a quick spin in a Chevy Trail Boss with a 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

While I preferred the power of the V8, the V6 more than held its own and was also a joy to operate.)

The handling of the truck deeply impressed me. I imagine that it is quite capable of large hauls, whether cargo or pulling a loaded trailer. And the steering feel was great, making me want to use the truck for a weekend journey rather than merely for an extended test drive.

Fuel economy is pretty standard for a pickup truck, giving you 15 mph in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. (Side note: the V6 model I also drove had slightly different numbers of 14/18.)

I did get the chance to take it up a couple of hills, and the Hill Descent Control proved its worth. Luckily, there was no need for me to slam on the 4-wheel antilock, 4-wheel disc with DURALIFE rotors brakes.

However, I did try to stop short a few times and felt confident in their ability. I really liked the rear-view camera and the StabiliTrak stability control system.

It gives Proactive Roll Avoidance, and traction control, including an electronic trailer, sway control and hill start assist.




Different Strokes for Different Folks

Chevy does a great job of offering different options when building or choosing your vehicle. If you spend some time in cold temperatures, you may wish to add the Custom Convenience Package, which would include a remote start to warm up the car on those chilly days.

This package also comes with other cool features such as:

  • Bed LED cargo area lighting
  • EZ Lift power lock and release tailgate
  • Content theft alarm
  • Rear window defogger

Those wanting to have it all might want to consider one of the LPO, Assist Step, and Tonneau Packages.

The feature that most appeals to me in that package is the assist step, although the package bed-mounted sport bar is pretty cool, too.

While these packages may add or subtract subtle nuances, really any 2019 Silverado Trail Boss would be a pleasure to own.

There are too many other options to list here, but heated front seats may be calling to some drivers who appreciate their warmth on a cold day, as would the heated steering wheel.

Other features you might choose may include a trailer brake controller, 10-way power driver seat adjuster, power outlets and dual-zone automatic climate control system.

A Trail Boss for the Boss in You

If you are looking for some excitement in a pickup truck, look no further than the 2019 Silverado Trail Boss.

Both Chevy diehards and those who have never driven the brand before can agree that this truck is a no-brainer purchase.

While you may have taken other cars out for a test drive, taking this auto for a spin convinces you that no others can boast the design, performance and overall appeal of the Chevy Trail Boss.

The balance of sheer power in a performance vehicle with its comfortable, capable interior make this the perfect truck for those wanting a little something more than the norm while still sticking to a streamlined exterior.

Contact your nearest Valley Chevy dealership today so you can take this Chevy Trail Boss out on the road. Our dedicated professionals are here to assist you with any questions and help get you into the vehicle of your dreams.

We can set you up to test drive the 2019 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss so you can see for yourself how one-of-a-kind this truck is.