How to Protect Your New Car from the Arizona Summer Heat

Valley Chevy Summer Heat Car Care Tips

Updated: Sept 2020

Arizona gets hot – really hot. And just as you protect your skin from the sun, it's important to protect your car from the sun, too. It might crack 115 degrees a couple of times this summer, and the temperatures can get much higher inside your car.

What Can I Do to Prevent Sun Damage?

Valley Chevy Summer Heat Car Care Tips

Fortunately, there are many ways you can protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, as well as make sure it keeps running well during the hottest months of our Arizona summers.

Protecting Your Car's Paint Job

Valley Chevy Summer Heat Car Care Tips

When it comes to your car's paint, the sun isn't the only culprit when it comes to doing damage. Blowing dust is prevalent, especially during our regular dust storms, and all that dirt can hurt the topcoat. Mix in monsoon season, and you'll be left with watermarks and dirt. 

  • Wash your car regularly. That'll keep the dust off and your paint looking fresh.
  • You can really keep your car looking fresh with a coat of wax. It'll put on a layer that'll keep dust off the paint and even add depth for sun protection.
  • Consider sun protection film for your car. It doesn't add additional UV protection, but it does help prevent scratches from debris and dust.
  • Park under shade. If you have a garage, use it. Find a shady tree in the parking lot. Keeping the sun off your car will help prevent the paint from fading, as well as keep the interior from getting too hot.

Keeping the Inside Cool

Valley Chevy Summer Heat Car Care Tips

It's pretty miserable when it's consistently 110 degrees or hotter outside. Inside your car, that gets even hotter, especially in direct sunlight. Parking in the shade is a good way to help, but there are other ways to reduce sunlight reaching the inside of your vehicle.

  • Car window sun protection film will reduce the UV rays and direct sunlight getting into your car, helping control the temperature and reducing the damage done to the interior.
  • Seat covers are another effective tool. Not only will they help protect from spills, but they'll also save the car seats from fading.
  • Windshield panels will protect your car's dashboard. Your windshield is the biggest window in your car, meaning it'll let in the most light. A removable cover or reflective panel will save the dash and keep things cooler.

Proper Maintenance 

Valley Chevy Summer Heat Car Care Tips

As taxing as the sun is on the exterior and interior of your car, the heat is an equal burden on your car's engine. Extreme temperatures will eat away at your car's battery, and heavy use of your air conditioning will only make it go faster.

  • Check your battery. With all that work being put on it, from starting your car to keeping the AC on blast, and the Arizona heat beating into it, batteries can get stressed. A routine check will help make sure your car battery won't die at an inopportune time, and some places will do that check for free.
  • Keeping fluid reservoirs filled to their appropriate levels will help make sure your car keeps working. Replacing antifreeze, motor oil and brake fluid are preventative methods to stop your engine from overheating.

Your Valley Chevy Dealers

Valley Chevy Summer Heat Car Care Tips

Protecting your car from the heat will help it stay in better shape and, in turn, help it last longer. Keeping it in better shape can even help when you're ready to buy your next car. For more auto tips, visit your nearby Valley Chevy dealer.