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How to Find the Right Car for You

If you’re looking to buy a car, without doing your research, emotion can tend to trumps logic. Maybe you love the look of a car, but forget important details like finding out what's under the hood. With hundreds of new cars from multiple auto manufacturers to choose from, how do you pick the right vehicle for your needs? Start by considering these questions:

Which Body Type Do You Need?

Convertibles: Convertibles like Ford Mustang or Mazda MX-5 Miata, are perfect for you if you want to make a statement, and if you live in a pleasant climate. There is little backseat, though, so if you have a family, this may not be the right style for you. Sedans: If you do have a family, a sedan like Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, is a good choice. Sedans have four doors making it easy for children to get in and out. They also have a great deal of storage space. Hatchback: A five-door hatchback offers SUV-like space with better gas mileage than an SUV. Today, many hatchbacks are very sporty with fun, creative designs. SUVs and Crossovers: SUVs and Crossovers like Honda CR-V or Ford Escape, sit up higher, giving you higher ground clearance and better visibility on the road. They give you plenty of storage space, but they do tend to have lower fuel-economy ratings than sedans and hatchbacks. A lot of people love the increased visibility with these vehicles, and the ease of entry and exit, since they sit at a more natural height. They are also great for towing. Minivans: If you have a large family, or haul a lot of people around regularly (like your kids and their friends), a minivan is a practical solution. Passengers will be very comfortable in a minivan, and they are great for long trips.

What Kind of Power Do You Need?

If you plan to buy a truck or SUV that will haul heavy loads, you need a lot of power. However, the average car driver doesn't need a lot of power to drive daily. Choose only the engine size that you need and  remember that purchasing a larger engine than you need just uses more fuel and doesn't do much for your daily drives. All-wheel drive on a vehicle can be an essential safety feature for those who live in wintry climates as they add traction when you accelerate.

Hybrid or a Diesel?

When considering a hybrid or diesel model, it is important to look at the type of driving you do. A hybrid like Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt, will use a lot less fuel around town. This is due to the fact that you drive at low speeds in town and brake frequently; this keeps you running on battery power longer. Diesel drivers will get the biggest benefits on the highway, but they are also more efficient than cars that run on gas at any speed. Both of these options will save you money on fuel in the long run, but you will pay more upfront. Choose Chevy Your local Valley Chevy dealers are ready to show you the full line-up of excellent Chevrolet vehicles in all styles and help you find the one that best suits your needs and those of your family. Visit any dealership to take a test drive and see for yourself why Chevy vehicles are the finest on the road today.

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