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Now that we’re finally escaping the summer heat in Arizona and the holidays are
approaching, our team at Valley Chevy and our friends at Costco have decided it’s the perfect time to offer some incredible Chevy car deals. Among the best offers
are the ones that you can access through the Costco Auto Program, which includes an array of options and extraordinary benefits.

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What is the Costco Auto Program?

Designed to save you money, the Costco Auto Program allows Costco members to pick from new and certified pre-owned vehicles at GM Supplier pricing – meaning that you’re saving money off the top. The program offers many of the same great
incentives as our Arizona Chevrolet dealerships do, and you’ll get a Costco cash card to use on some awesome accessories to make your new ride even better.

If you’re already a Costco member, or you’ve been considering getting a Costco membership, now is the best time to do it and take advantage of the program. Beyond the amazing deal you’ll get, and great support team to help find you your
next car, you’ll get to enjoy shopping at Costco and using the discounts they offer.

How does the program work?

  • The program is fairly simple to use. Start by searching for the Chevrolet vehicle you want, and then click on the cars that are available to learn more. Each vehicle page includes valuable information such as reviews and the manufacturer incentives you’ll receive.
  • After you decide which car you want most, you’ll want to fill out a short request form. Once that is submitted, you’ll be contacted by an Authorized Dealer to schedule an appointment so that you can see your car in person and move forward with the process.
  • After meeting with the dealer, you’ll be shown the pre-arranged pricing set up through Costco, and you’ll be able to enjoy the savings on the new car you’ve decided on!

If you’re ready to get a new car and have your Costco membership ready to go, register and see what Chevy cars are available!

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Or, you can visit Valley Chevy to see all the great Chevrolet vehicles available in the Valley of the Sun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I submit a vehicle request, am I obligated to purchase from the participating dealership?

If you submit a vehicle request, you are under no obligation to purchase the vehicle. You’ll be tempted to buy the vehicle regardless because of the amazing value, but the decision is yours to take advantage of through the whole process.

What if the dealer doesn’t have the vehicle I want?

If the car you want isn’t available, there are still some options. Your dealer may make a trade with another dealership to get the car you want. These options may include an additional charge, but any changes and charges will be brought to your attention before the process is done. Your vehicle can also be factory ordered to fit specific requests for your make and model. While manufacturer incentives are still applicable to factory-ordered vehicles, if there’s a change in the deal from the time it’s ordered until its delivery date, the incentive at the time of delivery is the one that is in effect.

Can I lease a car through the Costco Auto Program?

You can lease a new vehicle through the Costco Auto Program, and still get to use the Costco membership prices that are prearranged for the lease. You’ll work out the monthly payment plan based on other factors, but the total value is the equivalent of making an outright purchase of the Costco special deal.

Can I trade in my vehicle through the program?

If you need to trade in your vehicle to help make your purchase, you can absolutely do so. Your Authorized Dealer Contact will help you in valuing the vehicle and discuss what the dealership will give you as a trade in value. You don’t have to accept the offer and are always welcome to sell on your own too.

Does Costco have an Auto Insurance program?

You can get your auto insurance through Costco if you’re looking for a new insurance provider, or if you just need insurance at all. Costco Insurance Agency and Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance work together to provide exceptional
rates to to Costco members.

Does the Costco Auto Program offer prearranged pricing for used cars, too?

Yes, Costco’s car buying service provides prearranged pricing on used cars as well. And they are not just any used cars – they are factory-certified pre-owned vehicles that meet a higher standard than just any used car to make sure you’re still getting a great new-to-you vehicle. These cars also include an extended warranty after passing factory and dealership inspections.

Who is Eligible for the Costco Auto Program?

To be eligible for this deal, you need to be a registered Costco member by October, 2nd, 2017. You will also need to register to receive a GM Authorization Number and the contact information for an Authorized Dealer.

What Restrictions Apply?

The offer is restricted to certain models, and not all certified pre-owned vehicles qualify for the offer as well. This deal may also not be used with other deals.