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Which 2017 Chevy Cars Have the Best MPG?

Chevrolet as a company began on Nov. 3, 1911, but for a 105-year-old, it has a lot of get up and go. Young at heart and rich in spirit with a deep selection of fuel-efficient cars, Chevy is constantly winning awards with its lineup. The Chevy Bolt EV was named 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year. The Chevy Volt was the 2016 Green Car of the Year, and Autobytel’s 2016 Car of the Year. Not to be outdone, the Chevy Malibu Hybrid is U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 Best Hybrid Car for Families.

Chevrolet's Best Gas Mileage Cars

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Chevy Cruze

Talk about a small footprint, carbon or otherwise, the 2017 Chevy Cruze has a 13.7-gallon gas tank. Not much, you say? It sips fuel at a great 21 miles per gallon city and 37 highway (31 combined). That means that tiny tank can take you more than 500 miles before refueling. Starting at $16,975, the new Cruze is a five-seat hatchback with a price tag that will not set you back. Equally adept at city driving or for comfortable long hauls, the Cruze is a sporty compact you’ll genuinely enjoy driving, especially when you can drive on by the gas pump. See also: Why the 2017 Cruze is the perfect road trip car

Chevy Malibu Hybrid

The U.S. Department of Energy gives the Malibu hybrid a combined 46 mpg with a wonderfully inverted 49 mpg city and 33 highway, thanks to its 1.8-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine and a two-motor electric drive unit. The Malibu is not intended to be electric-only. The electric motors are recharged by the gasoline engine; they automatically turn on when they are the better mileage choice. You never even have to plug the hybrid in — it switches between gas and electric as needed, and the batteries are always charging. What makes the Chevy Malibu a great family car? A clean, intuitive dashboard gives Mom and Dad plenty to enjoy up front, while 11 available active safety technology details provide reassurance about the younger ones in the back seats. An intuitive, customizable car available Chevrolet MyLink display offers support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Keep everyone happy and entertained with available, built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity; which is available in the LS and LT trims. Click here to learn about leasing a new Malibu. See also: Should I buy a new Malibu or Impala?

Chevy Spark

Sassy, cute, small, and fun – the Chevrolet Spark is all that and a miser with gas. With 39 mpg /highway and 31 city (combined 34), this little four-seater can run you around town in style. Starting at only $13,000 for the LS trim, the Spark is a light load on your wallet at purchase and every time you visit the pumps. The tank only holds 9.2 gallons, but with the high-mileage Spark that will get you more than 350 miles between fill-ups.

Chevy Volt

You want to do your part to help the planet, so you are eyeing electric cars. But you still want the reliability and security a gasoline generator provides. The 2017 Volt is your answer. With up to 53 miles of range using only electric power, and up to 420 miles with electric and gas, you can stretch a tank of gas to about 1,000 miles with regular overnight charging. Calculating mileage gets a bit tricky with this ingenious mix of electric and gas power. Seating five comfortably, the Volt provides a combined 106 mpge (equivalent) and 42 mpg from the gasoline-powered generator. See also: Volt or Leaf, which car is right for my needs?

Chevy Bolt

The 2017 Chevy Bolt EV is an all-electric car with an astounding EPA-estimated range of 238 miles per charging session. The available federal tax credit can bring the Bolt’s price under $30,000. The five-seat Bolt does not sacrifice power with its ultra-quiet batteries, either: Go zero to 60 in 6.5 seconds. The Bolt uses AC household current for charging overnight, DC fast charging to get 90 miles in around 30 minutes, or location-based charging that adapt to your schedule. Expect Bolts to hit dealerships later this year. See also: Chevy Bolt owner does 300-mile round trip on single charge

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