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2018 Chevy Sonic 2018 Ford Focus
2018 Chevy Sonic vs-img 2018 Ford Focus


The Chevy Sonic and the Ford Focus are the popular compact car offerings from two of the major vehicle manufacturers in the world. Though it’s easy to compare these two cars, one of them, the Chevy Sonic, has many advantages over the Ford Focus, including a more affordable price tag.
If you are thinking about the purchase of a 2018 Chevy Sonic or Ford Focus, you definitely have to pay attention to the information below before signing on the dotted line.

What’s New?

The Sonic got a makeover this year, but the Ford Focus hasn’t had a significant change since 2015. The 2018 Chevrolet Sonic has a new exterior color, Ivy Metallic, but that’s not all. Chevy has added the Chevrolet MyLink audio system as a standard feature in all Sonics. It also has two USB ports and an auxiliary input jack. The Focus has one USB port and no auxiliary input jack to speak of.

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A couple of blue Chevy Sonics: hatchback and sedan


As noted, the 2018 Sonic has a brand new color available. In total, it has three different trims to choose from and 10 different exterior color options. The Sonic also has a standard chrome trim around the windows, which makes it stand out from the crowd.
The Focus, however, does not have this option. In addition, the Sonic comes with a standard power sunroof. Though the Focus has this option, too, it is not standard. The Sonic also features heated side mirrors for all trim levels; the Focus does not.

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As with the exterior, when comparing the Chevrolet Sonic vs. Ford Focus, the Sonic, again, comes out on top. In fact, some of the benefits that the Sonic brings with all trim levels is remarkable. For instance, though the leg room in the front seats is comparable, the Chevy Sonic has a much roomier rear seating compartment.
The Sonic is also roomier than the Ford Focus in the cargo area, which is convenient if you often have items that you need to put in the trunk.

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Typical for Chevrolet, the Cruze comes with an impressive list of technology features even in its standard model. These include the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rearview camera, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth.

The standard infotainment system on the Focus has a 4.2-inch display screen, also with Bluetooth and a rearview camera. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay do not come standard and require upgrading, meaning the Chevy Cruze is the better deal from a technology standpoint.

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As you might expect at this point, the Chevy Sonic is also superior when it comes to safety features. All Sonic trims come with a lane departure warning feature, which is not found in all Focus trims.
To add even more, the Sonic comes with 10 airbags in the cabin of the car, including front and rear side airbags. This is not a standard feature in the 2018 Ford Focus.

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To see the difference between the Chevrolet Sonic and the Ford Focus, you should contact your local Arizona Valley Chevy dealership.
By taking some time to test drive a Sonic, you can see how comfortable the ride is and experience all that this model has to offer. Make sure to check out the brand-new audio system, which is new in the 2018 Sonic, as well as learn how the numerous safety features work.

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Based on the information above, you can clearly see why the Chevy Sonic is a better choice than the Ford Focus. The Sonic consistently ranks higher than the Focus on industry ratings and customer satisfaction, too. From the new look and features that were introduced in the 2018 model, to the enhanced safety features that are not found on the Focus, it should be easy to see why a Chevy Sonic is the right car for you. Contact Valley Chevy and test drive a Sonic today!






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