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2018 RAM 3500 vs Silverado 3500, Which is Better?

Valley Chevy - 2018 RAM 3500 vs Silverado 3500HD

Choosing a heavy-duty pickup truck is not a matter that should be taken lightly. A truck is a serious investment and you need to pick the one that’s right for all your needs.

If power is important to you, you should consider two of the best trucks on the market today: the 2018 RAM 3500 and the 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500HD. They are very similar in terms of power and hauling capacity, and they are in the same price range, which means you have to get into the smaller details to discover which is the better choice.

Let’s look at the RAM 3500 vs Silverado 3500HD beyond the metrics of price and power.

Exterior Comparison

Valley Chevy - 2018 RAM 3500 vs Silverado 3500HD - Exterior

Starting with the exterior, both of these are very serious-looking vehicles. The RAM 3500, like all Dodges, has a particularly heavy-looking frontend deriving from its muscle car heritage, which frankly doesn’t look so good on a truck. If you’re on the shorter side, you may also not like having to peer over the hood to see the road. It may not occur to the extent that it obscures your view, but the urge to do so is there. The Silverado has the classic look of an American pickup truck, albeit a scaled-up big and powerful one. Though it ultimately comes down to a matter of taste, some people find the RAM 3500 visually too unbalanced.

Interior Comparison

Valley Chevy - 2018 RAM 3500 vs Silverado 3500HD - Interior

With things so close in a number of categories, you really need to focus on the few details that will matter to you on the road. One of the biggest is interior space – particularly legroom, headroom, and cab width. If you’re a big or tall person, or just prefer to have more space around you, the extra legroom and headroom the Silverado gives you will make all the difference to your driving experience. The cab width may not seem so important, until you find yourself cleaning it out or trying to transport large objects. In moments like these, the extra width and larger central console will work to your advantage. It also translates into more interior space for items you don’t want to leave in the back, and more freedom for your passenger to move about and get comfortable on those long drives.

Other Buyer Considerations

On the road, the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD remains impressively quiet in terms of cabin noise – especially compared to the RAM 3500. It also handles well under a wide variety of conditions. Technology and safety are two other areas where the 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500HD edges out the RAM 3500, as it offers the renowned MyLink system with seven-inch touchscreen and rear backup camera. Other convenience features in the Silverado include the tire pressure monitoring system, which tells you when the correct pressure is achieved. When you consider these factors, it's clear that the 3500HD has a lot more to offer than the RAM 3500.

Test Drive a Brand New Silverado 3500HD in Phoenix Today!

Ultimately, the only way to truly know which is the ideal truck for you is to experience it for yourself. If you want to test drive the Silverado 3500HD for yourself, stop into your nearest Chevrolet dealership. Once you get behind the wheel, you can better determine if the smooth ride, ample legroom and headroom, and low cabin noise are features you want in your heavy-duty pickup – in addition to the power to haul and tow whatever you need.