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What are the Worst Car Brands?

Valley Chevy - What are the Worst Car Brands?

“What is the worst car brand?” – This a question we get from customers who want to avoid investing a large sum of money into an unsatisfying vehicle. Some of the worst car brands ever are missing features that are necessary for providing a safe and satisfying driving experience. Others may require expensive repairs or excessive service. We’ve weighed all of these factors in our quest to identify the worst car brand ever.


Acura has gained some national attention in recent years due to expensive advertising campaigns. In its recent Satisfaction Survey, Consumer Reports suggested the brand might be better served spending that money on product development. Acura was tied for dead last place on a recent survey for owner satisfaction among car brands. The Acura ILX even fell into the bottom five rankings for the most substandard single model type. The company is making a strong bid for the title of worst car brand of all time.


Nissan was one of the two brands that tied Acura in the race to the bottom for owner satisfaction rankings. The satisfaction survey asked owners if they would choose the same brand of car all over again. An overwhelming amount of owners said they wouldn’t buy their Nissan if they could go back in time. If you don’t want to live with regret for the duration of your vehicle’s life, it’s best to avoid this brand.


Mitsubishi is the last of the three brands tying for lowest overall consumer satisfaction. The Consumer Reports survey asked drivers to consider several factors when making up their mind about how pleased they are with their purchase. Driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio and climate system all played a part in helping Mitsubishi rank as one of the most disappointing cars money can buy.


Infiniti narrowly avoided coming in last place on Consumer Reports’ ranking for owners’ satisfaction with their car brand. It ranks only two percent higher than the brands at the very bottom of the barrel. Only 60 percent of Infiniti owners say they’d ever buy a car from that brand again. Inferior performance with a luxurious price makes for an extremely expensive mistake.


A 2018 car brands reliability survey from Consumer Reports ranked Cadillac in last place out of 27 models reviewed. The report gave Cadillac an average reliability rating of only 26 on a scale from 1 to 100. The brand is also known for its expensive repairs. Cadillacs may be stylish, but regular and costly repairs puts them on our list of the least dependable brands.


Buick has made some strides in recent years, but they’re still not quite capable of making a car people really love. The newer Buicks are surprisingly reliable, but they lack some of the features that go into a really enjoyable car. Drivers complain that Buick’s automatic starting and stopping engine is annoying and the feature is impossible to disengage. This combines with a few other lazy design flaws to make for a frustrating user experience.


Hyundai prides itself on making some of the cheapest new cars on the market. Unfortunately, skimping on manufacturing costs leads to problems with reliability and durability, and getting service from the dealership can be a hassle. Hyundai owners are often upset because the brand’s alleged 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty was designed to sell cars more than to protect owners. The Hyundai legal team saturates the warranty with fine print in an attempt to get out of the promised protection plan.


Allegations that Volkswagen was intentionally cheating on emissions tests shocked some of their consumers. It showed a willingness to put the company’s bottom line before the customer, and explains some of the other reliability problems VW owners have been having. Buyers are realizing they can no longer trust VW for dependability.


Some think of a Mercedes-Benz as a status symbol. As a result, many buyers are finding out too late that the car is a flashy purchase, but it isn’t a smart one. High priced imports like Mercedes mean high priced repair costs down the road.


Jeep received a “less than average” reliability rating from Consumer Reports’ 2018 survey. Given Jeep’s supposed off-road capability, a failure to make dependable vehicles goes from being inconvenient to being downright dangerous. This may be part of the reason Consumer Reports puts Jeep in the bottom ten for its owner satisfaction survey.

So Then, What are The Best Car Brands?

The best car brands are defined by their creation of superior products. Customers feel better about their purchases when they invest in a brand like Chevrolet that creates reliable vehicles with industry-leading features.

You don’t have to just take our word for it! Independent organizations including (but not limited to) J.D. Power and Associates give Chevy heaps of awards and accolades. It’s the only brand ever to win J.D. Power awards for dependability in the car, truck and SUV categories two years running.

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