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Valley Chevy is Giving Away Free School Supplies!

school supplies giveaway Here in the Valley of the Sun, thousands of teachers are working long and hard to teach students of all ages. Thanks to their commitment to educating Arizona youth, our community is able to continue thriving. To celebrate our Arizona teachers, Valley Chevy is holding a contest to reward some of the best teachers in Arizona!

What are the prizes?

Via nominations and voting, three teachers and their classrooms will receive free school supplies:
  • 1st place wins $1,000 in supplies and backpacks full of supplies for their students.
  • 2nd place receives $500 in free supplies, as well as backpacks full of supplies.
  • 3rd place gets $250 in school supplies, plus backpacks filled with school supplies for their students.

How do I nominate my teacher?

nominate your favorite teacher To nominate your teacher, visit the contest page on Facebook and simply fill out the form. Include a short story about your teacher that showcases how great they are, as well as the requisite information to enter them.

Why should I nominate my teacher?

Teachers work hard to make sure you and other students get the best education possible. By nominating your teacher, you can show them how much you appreciate all of their time and effort. And believe it or not, many Arizona teachers have to pay for classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Nominating your teacher will give them the opportunity to keep the money they’ve earned and afford more school supplies for your classroom.

Who can I nominate?

All K-12 teachers with a classroom in the Phoenix Metropolitan area are eligible to win these great prizes! How do I get others to vote? After you nominate your favorite teacher in Phoenix, share the Valley Chevy Facebook contest page with your friends and family on all of your social media channels and encourage them to vote. Nominated teachers will show up at the bottom of the page with the story explaining why they're the most deserving. To cast a vote, your peers just need to check the box that appears underneath your teacher’s story!

What else should I know?

You can only nominate one teacher, so make sure to choose a teacher that really goes above and beyond for you and the class! The winners will be chosen based on who gets the most votes, which means it’s essential that your friends and family to vote. The teachers who end up winning will be contacted to receive the school supplies, so it’s very important that you provide the right contact information.

When does the contest voting end?

Voting ends on September 4th at 5pm. So be sure to nominate your teacher today, and get your friends to help show your teacher that much needed appreciation!