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How Much is Car Insurance in Arizona?

Valley Chevy Cost of Car Insurance Arizona “What kind of car can I afford?” “How much of a car payment can I afford?” These are common questions anytime someone considers getting a new vehicle. It can be intimidating to trade up to a new car since it may be difficult to tell what the ongoing costs will be. Insurance is one of the main car ownership costs you have to factor in when considering how much a car will cost. In Arizona, all active drivers are required to have certain minimum levels of coverage and to carry proof of insurance whenever they are driving. Cost of Car Insurance in Arizona You can’t go without insurance in Arizona. You could face fines or license suspension for driving with lapsed insurance, and you wouldn’t be protected in the event of an accident. Luckily, the average cost of car insurance in Arizona is surprisingly low.

How Much is Car Insurance in Arizona? Arizona Car Insurance Facts

Arizona residents pay, on average, about $200 less per year than most Americans for car insurance. The average monthly cost is about $102, while the annual cost is $1,222. This compares very favorably to states like California, where the average is $1,962, or Alaska, where it is $1,605. Insurance costs can vary a great deal based on factors personal to the driver:


Valley Chevy Young Driver Car Insurance Car insurance will tend to be less expensive for older, more experienced drivers. In general, car insurance rates start to drop at age 25 and level off between the ages of 30 and 60. By age 65, average rates begin to increase again. However, a 70-year-old driver still pays less than one aged 25. Age has its benefits!


Cost of Car Insurance in Arizona What about gender? Auto insurance rates are almost identical for men and women across most age categories. The few exceptions are for very young drivers. For most age categories, there may be a slight difference of around five dollars per month between women and men.


Cost of Arizona Car Insurance Insurance is usually more expensive in major cities than in smaller communities. The cities of Phoenix and Glendale have the most expensive insurance rates at about $1,275 annually for Glendale and $1,300 for Phoenix. By comparison, Tempe, Scottsdale and Chandler each have costs around $1,150.

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Infographic: How Much is Car Insurance in Arizona?

How Much is Car Insurance in Arizona? Infographic

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