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Go from new EV to new normal in no time.

Simple, convenient charging and less maintenance make the 2021 Bolt EV easy to own and drive. And its impressive range, eye-catching style, spacious interior and surprisingly strong acceleration make it fun to drive on any road. But the best part about your new Bolt EV? How fast you’ll get used to driving by gas stations.





56.6 CON. PIE.


Cajun Rojo Tintcoat
Cayena metálico anaranjado
Kinetic azul metalizado
Mosaico Negro Metálico
Anochecer gris metalizado
Oasis Blue
Hielo plateado metalizado
Pizarra gris metalizado
blanco nieve
oscuro galvanizado / De cuero gris perforado
oscuro galvanizado / Cielo gris fresco de cuero perforado
Cielo gris fresco de cuero perforado
Sky Cool Gray Deluxe Cloth



0-60 EN 6.5 SECS

icon-millas-entre-los cargos

25 Millas por hora DE CARGA CON † 240 voltios / 32-AMP UNIDAD DE CARGA



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Plug into action

Bolt EV is quick where it counts, taking you from 0 a 60 en 6.5 seconds.† And with 266 lb.-ft. of near-instant electric torque, it knows how to turn on the power when you demand it. Your to-do list has nothing on this EV. los 2021 Bolt EV offers an EPA-estimated 259 millas de rango,† on a full charge, so you’ll have the power you need for your day-to-day driving plus anything in between. Mejor todavía, you could go a day — or possibly even a few days — without needing to charge.

Grab. Plug. Done.

Charging is as easy as plugging in your smartphone. The available 240-volt charging unit† lets you plug in at home after your day and return to a full charge by morning†. Or you can always top off your charge on the go – just search for a public charging station near you using the myChevrolet Mobile App† with Energy Assist. Whether at home or away, Bolt EV makes plugging in as simple as 1-2-3.

Your EV Headquarters

Everything from battery life to driving history is easy to view on the tablet-like display screen at the front of the vehicle. You can even track real-time vehicle information to help you maximize efficiency. These include driving behaviors, condiciones del camino, and weather — and pinpoint exactly how it may impact your range.

Looking out for what’s most important

Because your safety matters more than anything, el 2021 Bolt EV offers advanced technology to help you and your most precious cargo stay safe.

Bolt EV has advanced safety technology to help you make smart driving decisions. With available features such as a Rear Camera Mirror, Frenado de peatones delante, and HD Surround Vision, this vehicle makes it easy to stay sharp behind the wheel.

trasera entre la cámara y el espejo
Espejo de la cámara trasera
Frenado de peatones delante
envolvente visión-icon
Vision Surround HD
En Carril Assist Con Lane Departure Warning
Baja velocidad de avance de frenado automático
fwd de colisión de alerta-icon
Alerta de colisión hacia adelante
Trasera de la Cruz de Alerta de Tráfico
trasera de asistencia al estacionarse en iconos
Asistente trasero de estacionamiento
de cambio de carril-icon
Alerta de cambio de carril Con Blind Side Alerta Zona

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We use our Bolt EV for all of our trips in Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Arizona. Our longest trip was 3,200 millas. We love not having to worry about gas and how much we drive. The price of gas goes up and down for no real reason, and with electricity we can count on what it will cost when we go on long trips. Not having a noisy engine makes driving more fun — you can hear the songs on the radio better, have better conversations in the car without yelling to the back seat. The always smooth and fast acceleration also adds a lot of fun to the driving experience. You just set the cruise control and it will go up a mountain like it wasn't even there. [...]


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