Chevrolet Launching World's Largest Fleet of Autonomous Cars in May | Valley Chevy

Chevy to Increase Self-Driving Bolt Cars On the Roads Next Month Making it the World’s Largest Fleet

Valley Chevy in Phoenix: Chevrolet Increasing Self-Driving Bolt to Make World's Larges Fleet of Autonomous Vehicles
Source: Next month GM and Cruise Automation are expected to introduce 300 self-driving Chevrolet Bolts onto the streets. The cities that can expect to see these autonomous vehicles include Detroit, San Fransisco, and Scottsdale. When these cars hit the roads, it will instantly become the largest self-driving fleet of cars in the world; surpassing Waymo, formerly Google's autonomous car program, who has just 80 reported cars in their fleet. Currently, GM has an impressive 50 autonomous vehicles on the roads and the remaining 27 companies or so in the race have just 89 and mostly in California.

Watch the Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt in Action

IEEE Spectrum received news of this story somewhat indirectly, however, the details add up nicely. To use a radio frequency that’s not approved by the FCC, companies have to apply for a Special Temporary Authority (STA). Japanese supplier, Alps Electric, recently applied for clearance to test 3,000 of its new Ukaza experimental radars. Alps engineer John Cabigao explained:
“The need for 3000 units is for testing and continuing development of the radar for vehicle use. As this type of automotive product does not yet exist in the market for public consumption, there are [sic] a lot of experimentation and testing that needs to be done on our side and with our customer to continue development.”
“Each vehicle will have 10 units so that [the] total number of vehicles tested is only 300.”
According to Robert Reagan, GM engineer, the number of vehicles involved in the company's experiment carries the risk of conveying sensitive information, such as future plans for services and technologies, to competitors. Visit Inside EVs to learn more: Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt Fleet To Become World’s Largest By Next Month

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