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Chevy Cruze Outclasses the Competition

When you think about buying a car, chances are Chevy is on the top of your list. When it comes to compact cars, the Chevy Cruze outclasses the competition. The Cruze is a fairly new name, but customers accustomed to driving the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla should take notice. The main benefits of the Chevy Cruze are the safety and space, but it doesn’t stop there. The Chevy Cruze has the edge over the competition in many other categories as well.


The Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Chevy Cruze all average about 35-39 MPG on the highway, but the Cruze has the edge in gas tank size by more than two gallons over the competition. That means you can drive farther between fill-ups. The Cruze also has an option to drive for economy, in which case you will average 42 MPG on the highway.  All in all, the Chevy Cruze is the better vehicle for gas consumption.


Regardless of what features you look at when you buy a car, safety is always a top priority. This is where the Chevy Cruze sets itself apart from the competition. Most noticeably, the NHTSA Overall Vehicle Score for Safety gave the Cruze a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. This is due to the multiple airbags, tire pressure monitor and the traction control system just to name a few of the features. The difference between the Chevy Cruze and the competition is that the Cruze has Telematics. This allows the GPS system and on-board diagnostics to record and analyze how a car is internally behaving. Basically, you will have an on-board mechanic to always let you know how the Cruze is performing and when maintenance is required.


The Chevy Cruze has an impressive interior. It is SiriusXm Satellite Radio ready and also comes with Chevrolet MyLink with Bluetooth for streaming from smartphones. Pair that with a 6-speaker audio system or a Pioneer premium 9-speaker system and you will be cruising with the some of the highest sound quality on the market. The rest of the interior is designed to increase your comfort. There are Meridian leather-appointed seats available in the front and back, as well heated passenger and driver seats that come with three different settings. Not only is this car made with comfort and performance in mind, it is also bigger than the competition allowing for even more comfort. The Chevy Cruze is bigger in every category including Overall Width, Height and Front Head Room.


Having a warranty is always an important factor in deciding which car to purchase. If you choose the Chevy Cruze you can be assured that you will be taken care of in many different ways. The Powertrain/Drivetrain Limited warranty is for 100,000 miles, which is 40,000 miles better than the competition. In the event you have a problem and need roadside assistance Chevy also has you covered for 100,000 miles and 5 years, while the competition offers less than 36,000 miles and less than 3 years roadside assistance. The Chevy Cruze is built to last, but in the event something breaks down, it is a plus to have these warranties and roadside assistance.

Bottom Line

On close inspection, the Chevy Cruze defeats the competition in every category that matters. Chevy has made the 2015 Chevy Cruze a must see, so head on over to any of your local Valley Chevy dealers to see for yourself.

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