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Check Out the Hydrogen-Powered Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Kicking Ass

Valley Chevy Phoenix: Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Army Picup Truck Featured Source: General Motors If you haven't heard, Chevy has a stealthy, powerful Colorado in assembly called the ZH2 and it's made specifically for the Army. In January, the ZH2 officially went into test mode with the Army's hopes of making it an elite ground-mobility combat vehicle for troops. The Colorado ZH2's hydrogen fuel cell, the result of a GM and U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center (TARDEC) collaboration that cost $4 million, is certainly a focal point of this vehicle. The hydrogen fuel cell lowers the vehicle's heat signature and provides an almost silent electric-powered motor. This vehicle is certainly a notch above the production model Colorado, but the Army picked this particular truck for a reason. Presumably, due to its ruggedness and strength.

VIDEO: Army's Chevy Colorado ZH2 Pickup in Action

“What we’re doing through this effort is understanding the full potential of the technology,” said TARDEC director Dr. Paul Rogers told Autoweek. “As you can see here, in this form, it’s phenomenal. Now what we want to do is take a look at the military utility of it.”
Valley Chevy Phoenix: Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Army Picup Truck in Action Source: General Motors
"The ZH2 also integrates an Exportable Power Take Off (EPTO) unit — basically, a generator. This will allow soldiers to bring power to areas where it is not readily available, like remote combat outposts (COPs), or allow a reconnaissance element to stay in their observation post (OP) longer while keeping their communications and surveillance equipment operational. This could lend a game-changing capability to military units, whether they are in a city that had its power knocked out from airstrikes, or patrolling on the steep back roads of the K-G Pass in Afghanistan," according to Task & Purpose reporter, Marty Skovlund, Jr.
"It should be noted that, because of its compact design, the ZH2 would not be a total replacement for the MRAP or Stryker, both of which are capable of carrying squad-sized elements. Judging by the concept photos, the ZH2 appears to be capable of carrying four soldiers in full kit, with one additional soldier as a top gunner. The first thing that comes to mind for such a configuration is that it would be a perfect fit for the type of mounted reconnaissance conducted by U.S. Army’s cavalry scouts."
This truly is an amazing pickup truck by Chevy. This writer hopes that we'll someday see this technology put into a production model Colorado. Get more on this story at Task & Purpose: Watch The Army’s Stealthy New Hydrogen-Powered Chevy Colorado ZH2 In Action

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