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What are The Best Tires for Arizona Car Owners?

Valley Chevy Best Arizona Tires There is a good reason why General Motors had a test track here in Arizona for so many years. Generally dry conditions and long stretches of high heat can put even the toughest rubber to the test. So when you go shopping for a set of replacement tires, there are a few things to keep in mind.

A Tire for All Seasons

Valley Chevy All-Season Tires Arizona While you may hear the joke that there are only two seasons in Arizona, summer and December, it's not quite that bad. And in parts of Arizona further north than Phoenix, there are differences in climate and weather patterns. For those who make their way up and down between Phoenix and locations like Payson or Flagstaff, all-season tires are some of the best for Arizona as a general rule, handling hot summer days and light winter snows with equal confidence.

Summer in the City

Valley Chevy Summer Tires Arizona If you're one of those people who proudly stay in the Valley of the Sun, even when the thermometer is peaking above 110 degrees, a set of summer tires might be just what the mechanic ordered. Intended for higher-speed vehicles (which generate more friction and, thus, heat), summer tires have a shallower tread than all-season tires, but have better grip by putting more rubber on the road. They're certainly the best tires for extreme heat. Additionally, they have an advantage for those rare moments when rains come down hard by pushing away water more effectively, reducing the odds of hydroplaning.

Roughing It

Valley Chevy All Terrain Tires Arizona Some people like to get out of the city and go exploring the wild places of Arizona, whether it's exploring old Jeep trails or climbing single-lane roads into the mountains to hit spots like Crown King. All-terrain tires, naturally, are the best tires for SUVs and crossovers, particularly if there's going to be a heavy load being towed or treacherous ground to be covered. Deep treads help grip the rough terrain better than the average all-season tire, though smart drivers will be aware that all-terrains have a shorter wear life.

Valley Chevy Dealers

Valley Chevy Arizona Whether it's a new car or one you're bringing in for service, your local Valley Chevy dealer can give you the best information about tires depending on when, where and how you drive your vehicle.

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