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Become a Lyft Express Driver in Phoenix & Get a FREE Chevrolet Vehicle

Valley Chevrolet - Lyft Express Driver Program

Lyft is a freeing experience. For users of the car service, Lyft offers a safe, reliable ride whenever you need one in more than 300 American cities, including Phoenix. For drivers, it is a great way to make a little extra cash on a schedule you choose.

Apply to Become a Lyft Driver Today!

Working for Lyft is one of the best driving jobs anyone can have. You have the freedom to work your own hours and as often as you need to. But working for Lyft just got even better. Continue reading to find out why.

No Car? No Problem!

Valley Chevrolet - Lyft Express Driver Program: No Car No Problem

Thanks to Lyft’s new Express Drive Rental Car program, you no longer need to own a car to work for Lyft. The program gives you the opportunity to rent beautiful, reliable Chevrolet cars from select Phoenix dealerships at a discounted price so that you can still apply for the job!

If you do own a car, participating in Lyft’s Express Drive program can still benefit you immensely. By using a rental car when you’re on call, you can avoid putting extra miles and wear on your personal vehicle. This means you won’t have to worry about you car while working – and your personal ride will last even longer.

Test Drive a Variety of Rides

Valley Chevrolet - Lyft Express Driver Program: Test Drive

Of all the benefits that the Express Drive program offers, one of the best advantages is that you can test drive the most recent Chevrolet vehicles in all their trim lines.

Maybe you are in the market for a 2017 Chevy Malibu, but are uncertain about which trim line suits you. Though rental cars are available first-come, first-serve, you can rent the Malibu L for a week, swap it out for the Malibu LS, and then try the Malibu Premier. So why not take advantage of this exciting opportunity and find out what car best suits you? The costs associated with the rental cars are automatically deducted from your weekly Lyft earnings, including any car insurance and maintenance costs. Because the deductions vary by city and rental car provider, you can access more details about the rental costs once you complete an application.

How to Become a Lyft Express Driver

Valley Chevrolet - Lyft Express Driver Program: Apply

Participating in Lyft’s Express Drive program is a matter of meeting some basic requirements:

  1. You must be 21 or older to rent through GM Maven (the Valley Chevy program).
  2. Lyft’s driver basics: Pass a national and county background check, undergo a DMV check, have a valid driver license and own a smartphone.
  3. Provide a refundable deposit to begin participating in Express Drive.

Lyft estimates a part-time Phoenix driver, working only eight hours a week, can gross $160 through the Lyft car rental system. The more you drive, the less your rental car costs you! To get started, visit the Lyft driver application page.

Stop In

To get a sense of the Chevrolet vehicles that are available to rent through the Express Drive program, locate and visit your nearest Phoenix Chevrolet dealer today. Your local dealer will be happy to explain the details of the Lyft program and point out which cars are typically available to rent. The above information reflects Lyft's Express Drive program details as of April 11, 2017, and are subject to change. For the most current rules, see the official webpage.

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