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2018 RAM 1500: Crew Cab Configurations


If you are thinking about buying a RAM 1500, make sure to consider all of the crew cab configurations that are available. It is important to know that there is a RAM 1500 crew cab length that suits your lifestyle and your needs. Otherwise, your investment in your new truck may be wasted.

Cab Style and Lengths

The RAM 1500 big horn crew cab is available in a few different styles and lengths. The cab also features folding seats for extra storage. However, user reviews often complain of the stiffness of those seats, as well as the limitation in cab style. Conversely, the Chevrolet Silverado crew cab comes with easy-to-fold seats, a ton of storage, and is available in numerous eye-catching designs.

RAM 1500 Crew Cab vs. Quad Cab


One of the most confusing aspects of purchasing a RAM is deciphering specific terms. For example, many consumers do not fully understand the difference between these different cab options, which makes it difficult to make an informed purchase decision. The term “quad cab” is unique to RAM vehicles, where “crew cab” is a term used by most truck manufacturers. Simply put, a crew cab prioritizes legroom over storage space, whereas a quad cab has more storage space than legroom.

Instead of trying to figure out these confusing terms, customers can simply read the size stats available for other car manufacturers. The Chevrolet Colorado crew cab, for example, specifically states how much legroom is available as well as the amount of storage space you can potentially use. When purchasing a new vehicle, clear and easy to understand terms are ideal, especially if you are not an expert.

Other Considerations

The type of crew cab that is best for you depends on many factors, including your lifestyle and the use of the truck itself. Avoid getting distracted by multiple options and instead focus on your vehicle needs. Three cab sizes is an excellent offer from a car manufacturer, but they need to be sizes that work with your needs if they are going to be useful. Make sure you spend the time investigating alternative vehicle manufactures if you are disappointed with the details behind flashy advertising promises made by others. Instead of shopping by brand, consider shopping based on your need. This is the best way to drive home in the truck that is perfect for you.

If the available RAM 1500 express crew cab configurations are not suitable for your needs, there are other alternatives you can keep in mind. Purchasing a new truck is a serious investment, so it is important that you consider all of your options and you are happy with the results. Buyers who are uncertain about their needs can visit Valley Chevy today to learn more about a variety of vehicles to schedule a test drive at their local Chevrolet dealership.