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2017’s Six Cars People Immediately Regret Buying

Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017 Buying a car is a huge investment. Beyond the initial cost, both in money and time, it will require a lot more of each for it to last for many years. Hopefully you find a car that fits your needs, is comfortable to drive and is ready for the long haul. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, and some people walk away only to find out their car purchase was a mistake.

The Six 2017 Cars You Should Not Buy

Here are six vehicles to steer clear of when thinking about a purchase.
  1. 2017 Toyota Tacoma

  2. Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017: Tacoma Many will think this is a strange first entry, and for good reason. Tacomas are known for their reliability and endurance that have made them incredibly popular in the Valley for years. While the 2017 model still has its signature toughness and dependability, the ride itself is lacking, making this one you might want to avoid. Stiff handling, a loud cabin and an awkward seating design highlight the complaints behind this mainstay
  3. 2017 Nissan Frontier

  4. Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017: Frontier Another mid-size pickup joins the Tacoma on the list. The Frontier has a tendency to be one of the more disappointing mid-size truck options from year to year. With its outdated controls and design, the Frontier leaves something to be desired in its everyday use. A reliable work truck with the power to get it done and comfortable off-road handling when a smooth ride isn't expected, the Frontier is a fine vehicle, but there are better mid-size pickups for your consideration.
  5. 2017 Acura ILX

  6. Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017: ILX Breaking away from the pickups, the Acura ILX has a rather dubious title in 2017, according to Consumer Reports, which calls it the least satisfying car of 2017. With a price tag around $32,000, the ILX won't break the bank, but is still pricier than similar cars, such as the Honda Civic, that rate higher among buyers in satisfaction. Acceleration leaves something to be desired for a car its size, and cabin noise is a bit loud. While it does have decent space overall, headroom is lacking, and the interior is pretty basic. This all adds up to a vehicle that leaves most buyers wanting more.
  7. 2017 Dodge Dart

  8. Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017: Dart It's hard not to list the Dodge Dart as one of the worst cars to buy, and we almost didn't even see the 2017 model as it was close to being discontinued. As a result, a simplified version was delivered to carry the name, and 58 percent of buyers say they are unhappy with the product. Similar in design to the original 2012 version, the Dart is in need of a redesign if it's going to see another installment. With weak acceleration and uncomfortable seating, it's possible Dodge focuses on other lines and scraps this one in the near future.
  9. 2017 Jeep Patriot

  10. Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017: Patriot An affordable off-road vehicle, the positives on why you should get a Jeep Patriot end there. For the most part, it's a carryover from the 2016 model; an update is expected when the 2018 line is revealed so don't write it off just yet. But avoid the 2017. Getting the off-road package cuts your fuel efficiency, the ride is rough and the design is "plasticky" inside. You may save a few thousand dollars compared to some competitors, but you're getting less by paying less.
  11. 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan

  12. Valley Chevy - 6 Cars People Immediately Regret Buying in 2017: Grand Caravan Like the Jeep Patriot, the Dodge Grand Caravan is among the most affordable of its competitors, leading to drawbacks. While not as disappointing in comparison as the Patriot, the Grand Caravan is quite dated – it hasn't been updated in a few years and is on the 10th year of basically being the same model. It still has space for seven and can be equipped with features to make it a fun ride for the family while still remaining cheaper than the competition. Average in fuel economy and with mixed reviews in safety, the Grand Caravan is a decent option, but there a competitors that offer more.

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