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2017 Chevrolet Camaro: Exterior Features

Valley Chevy in Phoenix - 2017 Camaro Exterior Features It's not enough for a Chevy Camaro to whip around the track or down the road at high speeds like it was riding a rail. No, it's got to look good, too, when it's doing those things! 

And while there's really no way to have an ugly-looking Camaro, there are ways to take the basic look and make it even better.

Consider the following.

Fast Paint

Valley Chevy 2017 Camaro Exterior Features

There are some colors that just look "fast" when they're on a car rolling down the road, even when it's doing the speed limit. One of the ways to help add to that illusion of speed is through the careful and artful application of racing stripes. 

Depending on the trim package and the main paint color, you can go for a single broad stripe or dual "rally" stripes going from the hood to the trunk. And with colors like Black Metallic, Silver and White Pearl, there's surely a combination that looks just right.

Hot Wheels

Valley Chevy 2017 Camaro Exterior Features

By default, most Camaros come with 18-inch aluminum wheels, except for the two SS trim packages. For everything below the SS packages, upgrades can be found in the form of 20-inch, five-spoke aluminum wheels, either in Silver, Premium Gray or Black paint. 

As for the SS wheels, they have the option for split spoke and full spoke designs, also in Silver, Gray and Black schemes. There's even a specific 20-inch wheel set exclusive to the 1LE Track Performance Package that puts narrower tires on the front and wider tires on the back for a truly aggressive riding profile.

On Top

Valley Chevy 2017 Camaro Exterior Features

Even the top surfaces of the Camaro can be customized for fun and speed. All packages have the option for a deck-lid lip spoiler, while the SS packages have a rear stanchion spoiler mounted on the trunk as standard equipment. And a sunroof can be mounted on the top of the Camaro coupe's roof to let some sun and wind inside.  Lest anybody forget, the Camaro also comes as a convertible, and with a choice of Black, Blue or Kalahari fabric colors, it's possible to come up with a very engaging color scheme that will turn heads on the streets and the highways.

Your Valley Chevy Dealers

Part of the fun of any new car is mixing and matching the options that fit your personal aesthetic. Visit your local Valley Chevy dealer today, take a Camaro out for a test drive, then sit down and figure out how to make it look its very best!