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2016 Chevrolet Silverado vs 2016 Ford F-150

2016 Silverado

Chevy vs Ford

There are a lot of pickup trucks on the road, but only one is the exact right fit for you. So when you're in the market for a new truck, how do you find the one best suited to you out of so many? Consider your needs and narrow down your options. You will quickly notice as you settle on a certain make or model, there is usually another vehicle like it from a different manufacturer. And you would be smart to compare the two closely to ensure you get the best one for your needs. Let’s compare the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado with the Ford F-150.

Payload and towing capacity

Both the F-150 and the Silverado were meant to haul and they have max towing rates that go into the 12,000 range. They can both also hold over 1,800 pounds of payload. When you have either of these trucks, you can do some serious hauling. As that's not an issue, you will have to start looking into other elements to make the comparison complete.

Price and power

The Silverado comes in at the $48,000 mark in price while the F-150 is slightly lower at nearly $46,000. The price difference is small enough that it doesn't rule one vehicle out over the other. There's a lot of power in this Chevy truck with a gas V8 engine and four-wheel drive with 355 horsepower 383 lbs. torque. The Ford has a twin turbo regular unleaded V-6 and less horsepower and torque at 325 and 375, respectively. The Chevy also has direct injection fuel injection instead of the direct gasoline injection in the Ford.

Features and size

Both vehicles have similar safety features with airbags, anti-lock brakes, tire pressure monitors, traction control and other elements. The Silverado adds to all that an interior communication and assistant system that can be helpful if you are ever in an accident. When you compare the dimensions, you start to see a bit of difference. The Chevy is slightly wider, though the wheelbase is a bit smaller. The Chevy is a few inches shorter in height, but you get more head room inside.

Fuel Economy

If fuel economy is a concern, which it usually isn’t when choosing a truck, these vehicles are comparable. The Silverado will get you 18 miles per gallon in the city and 24 on the highway. You get an estimated one more mpg from the Ford F-150, but it is has an aluminum body the Chevy truck is made from steel to give it the sturdy durability every truck should have.


Because you have more head and leg room, you will feel you can stretch out more in the Chevy. If you are taking your haul for long distances, this becomes very important. It is also great for taller drivers and riders. The fuel economy is similar between the vehicles so you will be stopping for gas approximately as often either way. The Silverado is a bit stepper in price, but for that difference, you get more room inside and a steel body vehicle that will hold up longer as the years go by.

Choose Chevy

Both vehicles will take up the same amount of space in your garage, but the Chevy is slightly shorter and will clear things more easily. The Chevy also gives the wheels more power than the Ford. Both vehicles, though large, have a decent turning radius and can maneuver out of tight spots. You can fit the same number of people in each vehicle, but the Silverado has a greater cargo space for other items. The vehicles both come with the same basic warranty package, as well. Overall, the clear choice is the Chevy Silverado. Please stop by any of your local Valley Chevy dealers to see the Silverado up close and enjoy a test drive. Then, imagine yourself with a large haul in the back for a long drive. From there, the decision will be easy!  

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